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Friday, August 5, 2011

Orange Oil Termite Control

Looks like the Orange Oil Bubble is gone.

This article was written more than a year before the "king of orange oil" closed its doors. Many termite business owners were so jealous how "successful" he was, how everyone in Los Angeles was talking about him and Paris Hilton. But no matter what goes around you, and no matter how someone is "unanimously acclaimed" you don't need to lose your focus. If elementary principles of doing business are violated, that business will fail. One of elementary principles is violating ethics in terms of telling "oh Orange Oil will eliminate all termites, no need for fumigation" while knowing clearly it was not true. If it turns out to be not true then people are going to think that you are a liar, then who wants to deal with a liar?

People do not believe anymore that it is the same as fumigation even though it obviously is just another local treatment. Usually it was not an issue for people to realize that Orange Oil treatment was done by drilling and treating. That's what  all advertisements show. So, many didn't want to realize it or refused to accept by wanting something "convenient" so that they won't move out and natural to avoid toxic gases. They listened to their beloved radio hosts who were zealously promoting this and other similar companies, and after they found out how disappointed they were they still keep listening to their beloved hosts.   Well those website hosting services who host their website by promoting nonsense, newspapers cannot be held not only responsible but morally accountable for that. I mean I can write whatever, and there are lots of people who say lots of things, and it will be really hard to blame those through whom these information is being transferred, they are not "quality control experts" after all. But how about someone saying "oh I did my house with this termite company, and they are awesome" and then finding out on reviews that it is one of the worst reviewed termite company? Will that radio or TV personality lose its credability? If it was me instead of these highly paid radio hosts, I would ask twice, do my own research before I would personally endorse on my own example someone who may turn out to be a crook and damage my reputation.

Anyway, Happy New Year, and check online credible reviews before hiring a termite or other company. They are better than even friend and neighbor referrals.


  1. In recent years, termite infestation cases have dramatically increased. Damages and repairs brought about by these little “white ants” could reach billions of dollars each year.termite los angeles are causing such damages. You provided the best control system and just share it. I just have to say Thanks

  2. This should be Manny, yes best advertisement is the quality of work you do. I mean to find out about the reputation of the professional became so easy nowadays, just need to put his or his company's name and search for reviews. The more goes the more important this is going to become. And in these big corporations I don't get why they do not understand that instead of spending $50,000 a month on local termite advertisement they better have at least one positive review online. Whom are you making rich? The guys who talk nonsense on TV and Radio? I can talk much better than that. Oh yeah, my youtube account where I discuss current issues, I mean my personal one has PR4 from google. I guess now I should stop providing quality service to people, and charge them ridiculous fees for letting others know about them? So, all these people who supposedly "promote termite businesses" do nothing than rip people off. By the way the most prominent 2 pest control companies have by far the worst yelp reviews. Today I talked with one of their employees, and he is telling that lead flow they have went down like 5 times. Bottom line, I put this on front page of my site as soon as I opened by doors, and keep telling the same thing for so many years " Termite control is not like building Boeings, nobody needs to be that big, and if you are too big which is not the good size for this business you suffer extra overhead, and take all that from customers". So, sooner or later things go back to normal. And we, small businesses get more customers for all the right reasons.

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